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Actor Information

Thank you for your interest in acting at Vampire Manor this year! We are always looking for new recruits and would love for you to participate in helping to make our fundraiser great! Please review the information below to learn more about how to volunteer for acting.

Actor's Meeting

We host an Actor's Meeting on the Tuesday of opening week at 7 pm (Please refer to tickets page for this year's date), where the directors will discuss the rules, collect permission slips from minors, and provide a walk-through tour of the Manor. Actors are not required to attend this meeting to act, but it is HIGHLY encouraged. You may act at the manor any night we are open. Just be sure to arrive by 6:30 for casting and bring a signed permission slip if you are a minor.

Actor Rules

  1. All minors must have their parents sign a permission slip before they will be allowed to participate.

  2. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted. There are police present at Vampire Manor every night. If you are caught with drugs or alcohol, the police officer on duty will be notified and you will be asked to not return.

  3. Roles are given on a first come, first serve basis. Please make sure to arrive at the casting location by 6:30 pm so you can get the roles you and your friends would like. Casting takes place at the side-entrance stairs.

  4. Once you have been given a role, you should stand by the basement entrance and wait for your room to be called for make-up and costumes.

  5. Once the show begins, actors are expected to be in their designated rooms. Remember that people are paying to come see your performance! If an actor has repeated problems with staying in their spot, they may be replaced and asked to leave.

  6. Actors are expected to stay for the duration of the night. If you plan to act, but know that you will need to leave early then make sure to notify one of directors BEFORE you are cast in a role.  In the event that you need to leave unexpectedly or an emergency occurs, let one of the directors know immediately so we can fill your role before you leave.

  7. While we appreciate enthusiasm from our actors, please make sure not to touch any of the patrons.

Actor Parking

There is special parking available for actors. We will tell you where you can park at the actor’s meeting.


Community Service

Acting at Vampire Manor can count as community service hours! However, it is up to you to verify that the organization you are performing the hours for qualifies as community service. If you are volunteering for service hours, then you are responsible for keeping track of the nights and hours you work. Bring your hour log sheet with you every night and have one of the director’s sign off at the end of the night. We will not sign for hours that we cannot verify, so make sure to get your sheet signed off every time you work.

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